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Last Laugh in Vegas
Harry Hill’s Alien Fun Capsule
Celebrity Antiques Road Trip
The Security Men
Celebrity Coach Trip
Strictly Come Dancing
Mount Pleasant
Act Your Age
All Star Mr and Mrs
Not Going Out
Not Going Out Articles
The Fattest Man in Britain
I’m A Celebrity…
Last of the Summer Wine
The Royal
That’s Entertainment
Shooting Stars
Noels House Party
Juniper Jungle
Mr. H Is Late
This Is Your Life
Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club
Bruce Forsyths Big Night

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This Morning
Blackpool Big Night Out
The Alan Titchmarsh Show
Loose Women
The One Show
The Story of Light Entertainment
Richard and Judy
Today with Des and Mel
Granada Reports
The Way We Were
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Who Killed Saturday Night TV


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2018 The Dressing Room
2018 Seriously Dead
2017 The Dressing Room
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2015 The Dressing Room
2015 onwards Viva Blackpool
2014 Ha Ha Hood
2014 Rock Off Tommy
2013 Autumn Tour
2009 Best of British Variety
2008 Best of British Variety
2008 Big Bad Mouse
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2007 Big Bad Mouse
2006 Funny Guys
2006 Big Bad Mouse
2005 A Night at the Music Hall
2005 Cruise
2005 Funny Guys
2004 Gospel Cruise
2004 Make ’em Laugh
2003 Rock Around the Church
2003 Gospel Cruise
2000 Night of a Thousand Laughs
2000 Palladium Nights
1999 A Night at the Music Hall
1997 An Audience With…
1996 A Night at the Music Hall
1995 Gospel Show
1995 Tribute to Lord Delfont
1989 You’ll Do For Me
1988 Spring Tour
1987 Royal Variety Performance
1987 Spring Tour
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1984 Christmas Show
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1983 London Palladium
1983 Christmas Show
1982 Christmas Show
1981 Christmas Show
1981 Autumn Tour
1980 Cambridge Supertent
1980 Oldham
1978 Gene Pitney Tour
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An Evening with Bobby Ball
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Rock on Tommy
The Greatest Love
I’m Sticking With You
Don’t Forget My Christmas Present
Rock on Tommy
Let Your Braces Dangle
Everybody’s Making It Big
Hold Me In Your Arms
The Boys in Blue
It’s All In The Game
Wind Beneath My Wings
Boys In Blue – Oldham
Unreleased single
Theme Music – Together We’ll Be OK


The Gospel According to Cannon and Ball
Rock on Tommy!
Amazon Interview
Christianity for Beginners
My Life
My Life Revisited
1983 Annual
What’s Your Favourite?
That’s Fete, Bobby!
It’s A Record
This Is Your Life
Pam Rhodes in Conversation…
In The Limelight
Juniper Jungle Series
The Encyclopedia of Classic Saturday Night TV


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Funny Guys Part 1
A Night out in London
Gospel Show
An Evening With Bobby Ball
An Evening With Bobby Ball and Friends
Best of British Variety Tour 2008
The Laughter Makers
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It’s A Boy
Magic of Tommy Cooper
Best of British Classic Comedy
I Wonder Who’s Killing Her Now
Mr H Is Late


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