Loose Women

Tommy and Bobby have made a number of appearances on the ITV1 show: 18th May 2007, 3rd July 2008, 24th February 2010 (Bobby only) and 3rd August 2010.

24th February 2010

Bobby appeared as a guest, talking about his appearance on the Fattest Man in Britain, the forthcoming summer season, and his appearance on All Star Mr and Mrs.

Other guests on the same show were Hayley Tamaddon and Daniel Whiston. The panel were Andrea McLean, Lisa Maxwell, Sherrie Hewson and Zoe Tyler.


3rd August 2010

Talking about the DVD release of their first series and their current summer season.

Also on the show was Adam Ricketts. The panel were Kate Thornton, Carol McGiffin, Lisa Maxwell and Sherrie Hewson.