Cast and Crew Photo

The Plaza Patrol Cast and Crew

An end-of-series photo from Plaza Patrol. Notable people on the photo are Cannon and Ball (of course!), Lynda Baron between them in the centre front, Louis Robinson (one of the writers) between Tommy and Lynda, and Graham Wetherell (Producer) behind the old lady next to Tommy.

Cast List

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Tommy CannonBernard Cooney Bobby BallTrevor Purvis
Close Encounter
Andrew BlackTyrone Peter ArmitageRobber
Christopher GrayPoliceman  
The End
Sarah DangerfieldLorraine  
The Tramp Who Never Was
Enid IrvineOld Lady 1 Jessica JamesOld Lady 2
Keith BarronTramp  
Sweet Charity
Arbel JonesLady Elizabeth Lincoln Stubbs Caroline GruberArabella
Gillian GoodmanSalvation Army Woman  
Lilac Time
Tony MelodyLes Malcolm HebdenMurray
Enid IrvineLady in Cafe 1 Jessica JamesLady in Cafe 2
Andy BurkePainter Lynda BarronCarmen McKendrick
The Other Mans Grass
Sarah DangerfieldLorraine Johnny WadeReg
Regina FreedmanSecretary  



Writers Richard Lewis and Louis Robinson
Music Alan Hawkshaw
Casting Director Angela Caird
Production Assistant (except on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Lesley Kirk
Production Assistant (on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Pat Field
Floor Manager David Nightingale
Stage Manager Terry Knowles
Production Buyer (except on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Bob Bayne
Production Buyer (on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Dave McBurnie
Graphics Joyce Wilson
Studio Supervisor (except on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Graham Baines
Studio Supervisor (on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Mike Wilkinson
Vision Mixer (except on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Karen Hall Carter
Vision Mixer (on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Mary Hopkins
Vision Control Brian Abram
Video Tape Editor John Allen
Make-Up (except on 'The End', 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Alyson Leeming
Make-Up (on 'The End') Pam Raysen
Make-Up (on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Gill Rogerson
Costume Brian Castle
Senior Cameraman (except on 'The End' and 'Sweet Charity') Colin Philpott
Senior Cameraman (on 'The End') Norman Chadderton
Senior Cameraman (on 'Sweet Charity') David Steadman
Sound Keith Hargreaves
Lighting Peter Hardman
Designer (except on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Tony Jones
Designer (on 'Lilac Time' and 'The Other Mans Grass') Mike Long
Producer and Director Graham Wetherell