At the Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton. Cannon and Ball starred as pirates Smee and Yoo. Lee Brennan (singer with boyband 911) starred as Peter Pan. Crossroads stars Tony Adams and Jane Rossington also starred.

Dates and times

Saturday 13 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Sunday 14 Dec2.00 pm6.00 pm
Monday 15 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Tuesday 16 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Wednesday 17 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Thursday 18 DecNo Performances
Friday 19 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Saturday 20 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Sunday 21 Dec2.00 pm6.00 pm
Monday 22 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Tuesday 23 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Wednesday 24 Dec2.00 pm6.00 pm
Thursday 25 DecNo Performances
Friday 26 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Saturday 27 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Sunday 28 Dec2.00 pm6.00 pm
Monday 29 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Tuesday 30 Dec2.30 pm7.15 pm
Wednesday 31 Dec2.00 pm6.00 pm
Thursday 1 JanNo Performances
Friday 2 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Saturday 3 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Sunday 4 Jan2.00 pm6.00 pm
Monday 5 JanNo Performances
Tuesday 6 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Wednesday 7 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Thursday 8 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Friday 9 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Saturday 10 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Sunday 11 Jan2.00 pm6.00 pm
Monday 12 JanNo Performances
Tuesday 13 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Wednesday 14 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Thursday 15 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Friday 16 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Saturday 17 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Sunday 18 Jan2.00 pm6.00 pm
Monday 19 JanNo Performances
Tuesday 20 JanNo Performances
Wednesday 21 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Thursday 22 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Friday 23 January2.30 pm7.15 pm
Saturday 24 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Sunday 25 Jan2.00 pm6.00 pm
Monday 26 JanNo Performances
Tuesday 27 JanNo Performances
Wednesday 28 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Thursday 29 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Friday 30 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Saturday 31 Jan2.30 pm7.15 pm
Sunday 1 Feb2.00 pm6.00 pm
Monday 2 FebNo Performances
Tuesday 3 FebNo Performances
Wednesday 4 Feb2.30 pm7.15 pm
Thursday 5 Feb2.30 pm7.15 pm
Friday 6 Feb2.30 pm7.15 pm
Saturday 7 Feb2.30 pm7.15 pm
Sunday 8 Feb2.00 pm6.00 pm


�7.50 - �19.50 depending on seat location and show date and time.

Various reductions for concessions, groups and school parties.

Souvenir Brochure and photos


Click here for pictures and information from the souvenir brochure, along with photos of the performance.

Other Info

The pantomime was originally advertised with Kym Valentine (Neighbours Libby) starring as Peter Pan. However, during the year she became pregnant and so her place in the panto was taken by 911s Lee Brennan - which makes this panto a slight oddity as it didn't have a female playing Peter Pan.

Web advert
Original website advert for the panto, with Kym Valentine starring as Peter Pan

Cannon and Ball were also advertised as playing pirates Starkey and Smee, although in the panto itself they were called Smee and Yoo (leading to lots of Smee/Me and Yoo/You jokes).